Asha Lerae
Sex and Consent Educator


Asha is a sex and consent educator, support group facilitator for domestic violence survivors, and yoga teacher. In everything she does, she teaches consent as a trauma-informed somatic praxis, based on the reciprocal values of autonomy and responsibility. She believes consent praxis can prevent and address harm, promote pleasure and eroticism, and even change oppressive systems.

She does this work out of a strong sense that we all have the capacity to violate consent in a myriad of ways, and at the same time, pleasure is also our collective birthright. Consent praxis creates the space for accountability, healing, reciprocity, and eroticism, the feeling of being fully alive.

Asha would be remiss to conclude her biography without acknowledging and sending gratitude to all of her teachers and relations, human and otherwise. She owes a particular debt in this work to many teachers, from the lineages of Black feminism and the Black radical tradition, Asian somatic practice, indigenous animist practice, and plant medicine. Thanks and peace to all.

Sex and Consent Education

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Are you longing for more pleasure and eroticism in your life?

Do you need help navigating issues around consent or accountability?

Are you seeking more somatic (body-based) or spiritual tools to aid your sexual exploration or healing?

Or do you feel like you missed out on a holistic sex education, and want to fill some gaps in your understanding?

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My sex education is consent-based, trauma-informed, and pleasure-focused. I celebrate the diversity of sexuality, which cannot be contained to spectrums. There is a multiverse of sexual diversity within sexual orientation, relationship styles, and kink; at the intersections of sexuality and spirituality, race, gender, (dis)ability, etc.; and throughout human development, from childhood to eldership.

My focus, personally and professionally, is on consent, trauma, and somatic practice for erotic exploration and healing.
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Consent Workshops

I work with The Consent Academy as one of the primary consent educators. We teach about consent in all aspects of life, not just sex.

Workshop topics range from consent basics, to trauma responses, the link between consent and oppression, consent for leaders in all kinds of spaces, and more. For upcoming workshops and presentations I will be involved in, please see Upcoming Offerings.

Please reach out on the Consent Academy’s contact page if you want to hire us for your organization’s specific needs. We also do consulting for individuals and groups.

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