Consent is too complex for infographics, let's get deep

Almost no one receives in-depth consent education, but everyone needs it.

Consent is beautifully complex.

It’s about so much more than sex and saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Work with Asha to get the consent education you deserve.

Pleasure is too complex for infographics, let's get lost

Sex is just one way we can get lost in the erotic, the sensation of being fully alive.

Asha provides holistic sex education, from anatomy and physiology, to body-based skills for self-pleasure and partnered play.

It’s never too late for a quality sex education. Please reach out.

Accountability is too complex for infographics, let's get messy

We all make mistakes and violate consent at some point in our lives.

We all have struggled at some point to be the kind of person we want to be.

Work with Asha to discover what accountability can look like for you. It’s messy work, but worth it.


Asha is able to speak at your event or on your podcast on topics related to consent, accountability, sexuality, and eroticism. Reach out to see how her message can translate for your audience.


Meet with Asha individually through phone or video for a confidential session. Consultation can look like coaching, mentoring, or creating customized curriculum.

Group Facilitation

Asha can work with you and up to 4 people at a time to facilitate a confidential session over video. Great for setting group agreements, skill-sharing, or pleasure parties!

Workshops & Trainings

Asha is available to teach the following workshops:

  • Supporting Survivors of Sexual Trauma
    • A 2 hour training for both professionals and general audiences.
      • Provides language to use about sex, gender, consent, and trauma.
      • Increases trauma-awareness through the lens of consent.
      • Provides options to support survivors with stress and trauma responses, and the building of consensual relationships.

Prices are on a sliding scale.