Asha Lerae is a somatic consent and sex educator. Through consultation, workshops, and touch, she teaches about “consensuality”, the erotic praxis of consent.

The erotic is the feeling and sensation of being fully alive, an experience that cannot be contained to the sexual. Consent praxis is your own unique way of relating consensually and addressing non-consent. Asha has a strong sense that we all have the capacity to violate consent in a myriad of ways, and at the same time, the erotic is also our collective birthright. Consensuality, an erotic praxis of consent, involves honest exploration and communication, taking risks, finding pleasure, creating space for healing, and the messy work of accountability. It is about the sensual experience of learning and practicing consent, within our own bodies and with others.

Asha is also a daughter, sister, friend, lover, student, teacher, and more. She enjoys playing many roles and has collected several names. In addition to Asha Lerae, you may also call her Ash. On her father’s side, she is descended from African people enslaved in the south of the so-called United States. On her mother’s side, she is descended from European settlers of so-called Canada. Currently, she resides on occupied Duwamish land, also known as Seattle.

I would be remiss to write a bio without acknowledging and sending gratitude to all of my teachers and relations, human and otherwise. I owe a particular debt in this work to many lineages. Thanks and peace to all.